Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What's the difference between herding cattle and herding cats?

Watch this video and find out -- Herding Cats!

Warning could be seriously funny!!

And for a bonus round this video made me laugh so hard I was crying:

Probably the funniest cat video you will ever see


Monday, December 15, 2008

Have you heard about the book, "The Necklace"?

The Necklace: Thirteen Women and the Experiment That Transformed Their Lives. is the true story of thirteen women from southern California who go in on ONE diamond necklace they named "Jewelia" and how they share it amongst themselves and others, where they wear it, how they use it for philanthropic purposes and most interesting to me is how they come to agreement regarding the "guidelines for using/lending etc.".

It is fascinating to me how 13 women can come to agreement, go back and read that again, I said agreement without it being a unanimous group decision. It's a good example of letting go of one's point of view and beliefs.

I can share from personal experience the amazing power a piece of fine jewelry can have. A number of years ago I was attending a workshop for women in Northern California and one of the participants designed and sold jewelry items that were worth thousands of dollars.

She happened to have a necklace with her that she had just finished which if I recall correctly she was going to sell for around $7500. She was gracious to let each of us try it on. What I remember about the experience was that the necklace (made out of precious stones) looked different on each woman that tried it on and each woman who tried it on looked different while wearing it. And it felt different than any other piece of jewelry I've ever wore, maybe it was because of the value, I don't know but it was an experience I'll always remember.

So get the book and read how one woman, convinced 12 other woman to go in on a piece of jewelry and how that rippled out touching hundreds and thousands of lives in the process.


Did you know that Librarians Helped Tame the Wild West?

Enjoy this recent article from the Chicago Tribune titled Librarians Helped Tame Wild West.

While there have been many changes and advancements in the Library profession in the past 100 years, I think Betsy Hearne's ending statement about librarians, "The librarian was a kind of apostle for culture. They were missionaries for literacy, knowledge and culture," continues to be true in today's world.

When was the last time you visited your Public Library?


Saturday, December 13, 2008

This American Life

A few years back I stumbled onto Chicago Public Radio's This American Life radio program by Ira Glass which tells the most amazing stories of ordinary people. I can't tell you how many times I sat in my car to hear the entire story although I was at my destination. Now it is available for FREE as a podcast from iTunes (usually ranked #1) so I keep up with it at my convenience.

In 2007 they created a television version of the radio show which is broadcast on Showtime. Since I don't subscribe to Showtime I wasn't able to view it, until now with it being released on DVD. So I wanted to share this great news so that you too can now own and watch This American Life - Season One without being a subscriber to Showtime.

Three particular segments that I liked were the story about a famous tame Brahma bull named Chance (who appeared on Letterman and elsewhere) that was cloned, and the clone was named (no kidding) Second Chance. One was about genetically modified pig farms that was very enlightening. And one was about a Mormon painter who goes in search of men with beards in Utah to use as models for his paintings about Jesus.

Besides it was just fun getting to see what Ira Glass looks like after listening to his voice all these years.

Highly recommend both the radio and the television show.


Michael Dirda on the 10 Commandments of Book Giving

Came across this recent article from The Washington Post by Michael Dirda on The 10 Commandments of Book Giving which is timely for this time of year (and all year round actually) and thought it worthy of sharing and passing along.

Happy Holidays,


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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Are you a cord-cutter? I am...

While listening to the book "Click" by Bill Tancer on my ipod today I heard a new term, "cord-cutter".

A cord-cutter is someone who gives up the traditional land line in the home and uses a wireless phone exclusively. Apparently the number of cord-cutters increases dramatically every year.

Have to say that when I moved two years ago I became a "cord-cutter". No need for a land line, I just went with using my cell phone for all my "telephone" communication needs.

However the one thing I miss about not having a land line is that I am unable to send and receive faxes. So for a nominal fee I send and receive them via the fax machine at my local public library. A cost effective and green way to do business.


Because Nice Matters

"Because Nice Matters" is a saying printed on a wood block that my colleague Lisa Leonard Crase, the Children's Librarian at the Mary P. Shelton Public Library, Georgetown Branch kept on her desk.

Lisa passed away suddenly and unexpectedly last Wednesday at the age of 43 leaving two teenagers and a husband who adored and supported her in all she did.

Lisa and I worked on the transfer, installation and unveiling ceremony of a Ulysses S. Grant painting loaned to the Mary P. Shelton Public Library, Georgetown branch of the Brown County Public Library from a private collector in OH when I first started working for the library back in the fall of 2007 and on many more projects in the past year.

Her positive spirit, lack of complaint, ability to adapt to change, and handle patron issues of all kinds with sensitivity will remain with me. She was well loved by hundreds of children, (some now adults) and many patrons that she has served over the 15 years she worked at the Mary P. Shelton Public Library.

My life is richer for having known and worked with Lisa.